Mobile Quality Assurance

As users lead an Omni channel existence, mobile technology has become critical for both consumer and enterprise applications. Consumer expectations around immersive experiences are rising increasingly, propelling organizations to provide a seamless user experience, consistency, as well as device and platform compatibility.

With the app market inundated with millions of apps, your consumers look for only the best ones to use. Keeping this in view, we create seamless experiences, intuitive interfaces, and beautiful designs in your apps. But another commonly-overlooked but the vital factor is that applications should provide value to end users. This requires developing a bug-free, fully-functional product, which can only be attained via comprehensive mobile app quality assurance (QA).

Dreamline’s integrated mobile app quality assurance process ensures that apps are thoroughlytested and market-ready before launch. Using an inherent agile testing process, we test all use cases, problematic edge case scenarios, and all functional and visual aspects in the software lifecycle. We offer full mobile app QA services on multiple devices, in multiple environments. We perform robust mobile app testing that includes manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing to ensure that your application works perfectly and engages and retains users.

    Our tools and approaches includes the following:

  • Automated testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Stress testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • User interface
  • Unit testing
  • Bug tracking system
  • Test-driven development

On Device Testing

Device-TestingDreamline Technologies provides On-Device Localization Testing service where our trained testers review your translations on actual mobile devices to ensure there are no broken links or user interface issues (e.g. fonts, line-breaks, layout, etc.) or contextual issues. After your translation orders are released by us, you can include the translations back to your software and forward your beta application to our translation reviewers using a testing platform. Thereafter, we will provide a comprehensive report listing all the discrepancies and issues we found in mobile app testing and help you make changes.

Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated-MobileTestingAutomated mobile application testing is the best means to ensure that new product versions do not hinder functionality or create new bugs. Compared to manual testing, automation in mobile application quality assurance offers many benefits such as:

  • Lesser time to market
  • Ability to test complex business logic
  • Cost Cutting
  • Less risk of human error

By engaging our QA automation, you can release our apps faster without compromising on quality — so critical in an era of uncompromising users, stiff competition, and evolving business demands.

Visual mobile application QA

Visual-mobileDreamline Technologies collates robust test/QA expertise with the domain’s current visual testing tools to help businesses automate and shape the visual testing process. By using automation solutions to layout verification, we provide enterprises with:

  • Easily doable, automated test processes for all layout and visual items
  • One-command verification of data, layout and other elements
  • Multiple platform validation for all web or app visual elements
  • Seamless integration of visual and functional testing of all UI elements

User Acceptance Testing of Mobile Applications

User-Acceptance-TestingUAT lets us put your software through actual user testing, and calibrate its performance in real-world scenarios, according to your expectations. Our specially-created UAT testing tools ensure your app or website is tested through multiple cycles, on multiple platforms, and also satisfies your stringent deadlines. Our differentiators are:

  • Easily changeable and writable parameters and to-do list for users.
  • Tools to capture all user actions in granular detail, and capturing all defects. our tool automatically takes screenshots and statistics during the testing process.
  • Auto-generated reports that can even create valuable training materials.
  • Data coherent in making actionable decisions easy to reach.

Mobile Application QA Consulting

Our expert QA Consultants ensures that all the relevant data is gathered from all stakeholders to get a crystal-clear picture of the QA Process within your environment. By following the IEEE & CMM standards, we identify the gaps in your present QA process and draft a blueprint of the QA model best suited to your requirements.

Our QA consulting service is absolutely customizable. It lets us help you build a quality assurance procedure starting from the initial stage and to give you additional support when your QA technicians are overwhelmed. Our assessment identifies the good practices that may not be getting documented, the user reported defects (gone unnoticed in QA) and recommending possible ways for QA process improvement. Lastly, we create a framework to save costs, lessen defects, enhance productivity and give you a substantial advantage.

Agile App Testing Process

We fully acknowledge the QA’s insurmountable tasks that can arise when conducting testing in an Agile environment: Communication with globally-distributed teams; weaving in risk planning and avoidance; accounting for the loss of controlling time and budget; maintaining flexibility versus planning, and not getting distracted by the speed of delivery over top quality. We use a collaborative approach that is network-based. We define the objective, shared goals across all teams internally and client-side for improved velocity, quality, and user satisfaction — all these most certainly result in stakeholder buy-in for metrics that are important. We provide transparent updates and reports with a laser focus on instant feedback, analysis, and action. Our metrics provide:

  • Information that focuses on improvements
  • Evaluation whose purpose is to provide actionable takeaways
  • Valuable insights that can be used for optimizing processes