About DreamLine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dreamline, today is a well renown name in the arena of IT solutions & also as a service company providing technology consulting, talent sourcing, and human resource management solutions to company, with a strong domain. We have crowned ourselves in the work that we do. The solutions we provide goes hand in hand with integration and delivery through a client intensive relationshipbased engagement & global delivery model.

Dreamline originated in 2012 with a set of professionals and one founder who had nothing other than their skills and a shared sense of purpose to create something unique and avertable to the need. This shared mission, passion and spirit of ownership has led to a unique organizational culture that has delivered exceptional results so far for clients and shareholders. In the Human Resource management, we provide solutions that comprise of pay rolling and end to end pre and post recruitment lifecycle management services.

Dreamline came out as one of the largest and most result and service companies in private sector, well known for its culture of empowerment and professionalism. With less than a decade tenure, Dreamline known for a strong customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, DTPL has unmatched capabilities across technology, engineering and maintains a leadership in all its major lines of business.

Dreamline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. focuses on providing knowledge intensive support solutions that can be delivered remotely. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions. From our multiple technical service centers equipped with latest call center technology, the technology help desk group provides total support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies. Today we are frontrunners in e-Governance in Bihar, with a large team of e-Governance and technology professionals. Dreamline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has many folds its offerings in software products and IT services. Let’s combine your aspirations with our world-class capabilities to achieve your goals.

Vision & Mission

As we constantly navigate through short-term challenges. We do not lose sight of our long-term vision to offer superior solutions to our clients in accordance with their needs and finance.
Dreamline technologies Pvt.Ltd. set its foot in the IT world with the hardcore desire which represents 3 parameters. We believe in i.e.
Purpose – Deliver the satisfaction.
Business – We follow the commitments.
Values – Innovation, Superior service and relationships.
These three pillars express culture, methodology, and vision of our organization. We imply these parameters in our day-to-day work and subdue our targets with an appealing zeal and enthusiasm.


Following rules and principles paved the stepping-stones to the success of this organization.
  • Modern Technology can play a major role in propagating towards success. Our team is obsessed with quick learning habits in adherence to those modern technologies that provides us the confidence to provide the best IT solutions.
  • We preserve the quality of the service that is served by our firm. Our assiduous work strategy makes it possible for our customers to endow their faith in Dreamline.
  • We analyze the given task to its core that inspires us offers us the knowledge to think exceptionally and out-of-the-box. It gives us immense satisfaction when we meet your expectations
  • We serve at affordable prices that suit your budget.
  • We ensure that we provide our customers with a complete solution to their problem within the deadline

  • To serve our clients and customers in the best and most remarkable way. We develop ideas that are innovative and are in compliance with the latest industry standards and trends. Since we truly firm that:
  • Innovation is of prime concern and we believe in creating something new and exceptional rather than re-framing a work.
  • To provide the best quality of the product. We keep a close eye on upcoming advancements and modern technologies, tools, and software.
  • To figure out all kinds of IT Solutions, we adhere to execute assiduous work strategy.

  • We follow a work culture that inspires us to put our clients on the top priority while equally tending to the needs of our employees.
  • We ensure that our employees should comfortable and free of stress which in turn offers a better productivity and client satisfaction.
  • We offer to serve you the best e-Business, IT domain services and web-based services to make you a dominating juggernaut of the digital media.
  • Our entire staff is equally prepared and responsible for supporting our clients at all times.
  • All above-cited factors work for scripting an incredible saga of Dreamline Technologies including its mission and vision.
Why Choose Us

Best Support

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Sweet Nostalgia

With our objective clean and clear, we started to serve the listed in the website and many more unmentioned industries and Departments in our line of service. The service we provide and our client/customer satisfaction have given us a forte of name, not just as a brand but also as a company and teamwork.